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How to Avoid Breakdowns in Your Life & Business

What would your life and business be like without having any breakdowns? Pretty awesome, right... hmmm? Today in my VLOG I am sharing how personal and business breakdowns truly impact your life. You may be surprised. 

In this video, I have some 5 important steps that will support you.

Want to talk "breakthroughs"? I would love to support your vision for your holistic wellness business... it's kinda my jam! SCHEDULE with me HERE

I help holistic practitioners never worry about where their next client/patient is coming from. I got you... because I have been there! 

Want to hang out with some amazing like-minded women in the wellness industry? Join our community right here. We are looking forward to seeing and hanging out with you.

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Build A Strong Foundation For Your Wellness Business

You would not build your house on sand. So, why would you build your wellness business without a solid foundation?  

Hey, I'm Diane delReyes, a licensed Acupuncturist and business coach for holistic practitioners, creator of Leverage your Holistic Business Academy, and coming soon, Women in Wellness Rise and Thrive Academy... I am super excited about that.

I wanted to share with you some ideas for your business, especially I want you to start thinking about the concept of foundation in these ideas. 

I feel that COVID-19 is taking us all by storm, and as we move into the 2021 New Year, it’s time to start challenging your thinking and you to start thinking about the clarity and structure of your business. And it also helps you create your business online as well, especially with the way the world is right now.

I want you to be in a position where you can create recurring income that you can count on while reaching people across the globe.  To help you do...

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Enough Already! How to Improve Your Self Worth with the Metal Element

First and foremost, I want to let you know, you are ALREADY ENOUGH!

You have everything you need, simply due the fact that you are you, and there is no other you like you

Last week we started talking about this season that we are in (Autumn) and how this season is ruled by the Metal element.

The Metal element gives us a sense of our own self-worth and value. It’s energy helps us discern what is of value and what is not, i.e. what we need to let go of or relinquish so that we store only what is needed. 

Some of the characteristics of a healthy balance metal element are:

  • healthy self-worth, value
  • healthy boundaries
  • integrity
  • discernment

In Chinese medicine we often look at conditions in either an excess form or deficient form i.e. too much or too little.

An excess metal element might have characteristics such as: 

indignant, self-righteous, distant, detached, extremely high standards that nobody including oneself can meet, extreme perfectionism that keeps...

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