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Enough Already! How to Improve Your Self Worth with the Metal Element

First and foremost, I want to let you know, you are ALREADY ENOUGH!

You have everything you need, simply due the fact that you are you, and there is no other you like you

Last week we started talking about this season that we are in (Autumn) and how this season is ruled by the Metal element.

The Metal element gives us a sense of our own self-worth and value. It’s energy helps us discern what is of value and what is not, i.e. what we need to let go of or relinquish so that we store only what is needed. 

Some of the characteristics of a healthy balance metal element are:

  • healthy self-worth, value
  • healthy boundaries
  • integrity
  • discernment

In Chinese medicine we often look at conditions in either an excess form or deficient form i.e. too much or too little.

An excess metal element might have characteristics such as: 

indignant, self-righteous, distant, detached, extremely high standards that nobody including oneself can meet, extreme perfectionism that keeps one stuck, indifference to being socially connected with friends, loved ones, other humans... cutting oneself off from the joy of human connection.

To balance out excess metal element, express appreciation and connect with others, loosen your grip on perfectionism in yourself and others, do deep breathing exercises, especially using an essential oil like eucalyptus, peppermint, or dōTERRA Breathe to help to let-go and relax. 

Deficient metal element 

Think of the character Eeyore.. low self-worth, self-doubt, low self-esteem, grieving what has passed, or what you have not yet accomplished, not valuing yourself, uninspired, poor boundaries.

To balance out a deficient metal element, make sure you’re connecting with people who inspire you, love you and lift you up! Create healthy boundaries for those people and activities that tend to bring you down, and do not bring you joy. Give lots of gratitude for what you do have, what you have accomplished already. With your breath work, focus on your gifts that you have inside, use an essential oil like Tea Tree to support and strengthen your metal element, and it also helps you create healthy boundaries. (use it on your wrist crease and breathe in deeply) 

Do you relate to either the excess or deficient metal element and yourself? Which one do you relate to more and how does it affect your business and your relationships, or your health? 

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