3 Simple Metal Element of Chinese Medicine Tips to Inspire Your Life, Business, & Health

Understanding the Metal Element of Chinese Medicine

In the cycle of the FIVE ELEMENTS of Chinese medicine... this Element has been a very surprising one for me to explore, and the more I explore about the Metal Element, the more I see how much my personal archetype matches this element.

We are transitioning out of the autumn season, which in Chinese medicine, represents the metal element. The metal element of Chinese medicine is so significant right now as it represents on the physical, our lungs, (respiratory system) and our large intestine, (organ of elimination). From the emotional perspective, it represents inspiration, value, self-worth, boundaries, discernment, and also grief, letting go, feeling stuck and so much more.

Before we let go of autumn 🍁 which is the official season of the metal element, I want to share some thoughts that might support you.

This is, by far, my favorite season of the year. There is something about the inward transition that is beginning to occur, not to mention, the vibrant fall colors (and let’s face it, sweater season) that really inspires and fills me up.

There is a great quote from Lao Tzu that I love, “In the end, the treasure of life is missed by those who hold on and gained by those who let go."

Oh man, my mind is going wild, as I have so much I want to say about the nature of this element, why it’s important in your life and business, and how to make the most of it. 

Let me throw out a few more words that really represent the metal element: discernment, self worth, refinement, purification, value, inspiration, breath, harvest, resilience. 

Metal by nature is solid; it is formed in the core of the earth. It is the gem that is created once all that is no longer needed is gone and has fallen away. 

In the 5-Elements module of my AcuOil Alchemy program, I share the analogy of Michael Angelo’s statue of David. Michael Angelo stated that David was already in the stone, his job was to simply remove the excess to expose the gem that is David.

Like precious substances, we find at the very core of who we are, our own strength, value, and uniqueness as our essence. We need a balanced metal energy to maintain our own self-worth and integrity with the ability to “cut” through anything that might devalue us.

Since the metal element is associated with our lungs, it is therefore also represented by Inspiration… being inspired and inspiring others. 

Symbolically metal represents value. That can show up as valuing ourselves, our self-worth, self-respect, valuing our businesses, our relationships, our abilities, our offerings, our bodies, etc. 

Metal element separates that which is impure or unnecessary from that which is pure and necessary. (think about the function of both our lungs and large intestine) Think about what you may be letting go of to find the gem (essence) (like Michael Angelo’s David) that is your best-self. What part of your business and life no longer serves you? What are your unique values and gems inside bursting to come out and be seen.

As a great exercise, I recommend some deep breath-work to open up the respiratory system and contemplate what you can let go of, even if it’s just the noise of other people’s opinions, or the distractions of the news and world events, and discover or unveil what YOUR gem is to bring forth? 

Your life, health, relationships, and business will greatly benefit from this purification work and letting go. When it comes to your health, (which will, of course benefit your life and business), this is the time to support your lungs and immune system. I recommend using an essential oil like eucalyptus, peppermint, or doTERRA Breathe blend to help open up and support your lungs and also help you to let go… with inspiration (what you're calling in, and expirations, what you're releasing, physically and emotionally. 

On a separate post, I share more about the emotional aspect of this precious element, and what that will do for you, your health, business and life!! Oh it is juicy. 

  1. Do some deep breathing with one of those essential oils, extra points if you use the oils on LU 7 or KI 27. 
  2. Connect with me on Insta and DM me to find out where these two special points are.
  3. Learn more about how to use essential oils on acupuncture points here, if you're ready to create amazing essential oil results!

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