5 Physical and Emotional Characteristics of the Fire Element Archetype

We have officially transitioned from the cooler spring months impacted by the wood element, to now the hot summer weather which is starting to draw in the strongest of the 5 elements: fire. The fire element flourishes in the summer heat and influences our “red” emotions, such as passion, joy, and excitement. 

Although the fire element can be thrilling to experience, too much of it can cause unpleasant flare-ups. Anger, restlessness, insomnia, and anxiety can occur due to fiery emotions that feel difficult to contain. 

To help you stay cool and level-headed this summer, here are some ways to identify how the fire element is affecting your well-being and what you can do to keep all 5 elements in balance (no matter how stressful life can get).

What are the 5 Elements?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the 5-Element theory provides a way for us to understand the cyclical nature of the world around us and our own personal mental and emotional imbalances. When all 5 elements are in balance and function cohesively, people can feel their very best both mentally and emotionally, which in turn correlates to better physical health. 

Here’s how the 5 elements influence each other and how you can recognize some of their impacts within your daily life:


Wood is associated with springtime, the color green, and organs that naturally detoxify your body, such as your liver and gallbladder. This element is also connected to feelings of creativity, hopefulness, inspiration, and motivation. In nature, wood can be burned to create a fire.


Fire is all about the strong, fiery emotions like love, joy, passion, and sadness. The element is strongly associated with the heart and pericardium. In nature, ashes from fires create earth.


The earth element represents seasons of transition and is associated with the spleen and stomach. When balanced, the earth element helps people feel grounded, empathetic, and peaceful. In nature, earth contains minerals that can create metal.


Metal is most prominent in the dry, cool autumn months, impacting our lungs and large intestine. When the metal element is in balance, it leads to positive feelings of self-worth, confidence, motivation, and inspiration. In nature, water droplets form on metal due to condensation.


The water element is related to our kidneys and bladder and is often associated with winter. Water is thought of as the source of inspiration, creativity, and willpower when it’s in balance. In nature, water helps nourish trees, which form wood.

…and then the cycle repeats!

Characteristics of the Fire Element

How is your fire? Is it burning and spreading out of control, causing you to feel hyperactive, anxious, and irritable? Or is your fire close to burning out, leaving you feeling sad, shy, and unmotivated?

If you need some help identifying the fire imbalances in your life and regaining control, here are 5 physical and emotional signs to strive towards:

1. Sociable and outgoing personality

The summer months tend to be busy and warm, making even the most introverted of us want to reconnect with our loved ones and nurture close relationships. The fire element naturally inspires us to seek warm friendships or romantic relationships and gives us the mental fortitude to be emotionally vulnerable when we need to be.

AcuOil Tip: Keep those relationships connected and simmering by using Ylang Ylang on acupuncture point CV 17 

2. Well-regulated body temperature

If you constantly get hot flashes or feel overly warm during the summer, you might have an excessive amount of the fire element. On the flip side, if you feel cold, clammy, or unable to warm up, this is a sign that you’re deficient in the fire element. Both imbalances can be regulated through healthy diets full of seasonal fruits, raw veggies (don’t overdo these, as they can be too cold on the digestive system), and bitter foods like kale and raw cacao.

AcuOil Tip: Keep those internal temps cool with an essential oil like lime on PC 6 or 7, and use a warming oil like cinnamon, to turn up the temperature a bit. Try this oil on CV 12 or 14.

3. Confidence

The season of summer and the fire element can both be associated with reaching maturity, like a flower blooming. Balanced individuals will feel confident, independent, and open to trying new experiences. People deficient in the fire element might feel insecure, dependent on their significant other or close friends, and afraid to step outside their comfort zone. 

AcuOil Tip: For creating confidence and also keeping your confidence in check (stay humble friends) I would reach for the beauty of Rose essential oil. Use this beauty fight over heart center CV 17. I do this on the daily to start my day

4. Active physical and emotional life

Fire can be nourished through movement and creative activities, such as dancing, listening to music, painting, singing, or anything else that allows you to express yourself and brings you joy. Regularly engaging in exercise and developing creative personal hobbies is a good way to keep the fire element at a controlled burn. An imbalance could look like someone who overexerts themselves during exercise or doesn’t exercise at all. 

AcuOil Tip: Need to raise up some energy, how about a little peppermint oil on GV 20, to top of your head, might give you the boost you need. 

5. Energized but calm

The key sign of the fire element in balance is when you feel upbeat, motivated, and excited, but level-headed enough to keep your cool in case things don’t go according to plan. You can remain positive throughout irritating situations, even if you have to vent about these issues to someone you trust later. However, a fire imbalance can cause you to feel more nervous than excited or more exhausted than calm. 

AcuOil Tip: Jasmine essential oil loves to support the heart and fire element to keep everything positive and balanced. Try it on Heart 7 HT7

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