Understanding Your Business through the Lens of The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine

In this episode, host Dianne DelReyes, founder of Her Wellness Business Empire, applies the principles of Chinese medicine to running a business. She identifies five essential 'elements' necessary for business success - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each stands for different phases and attributes for a business; 

Vision and planning (Wood), 

Taking action (Fire), Nurturing relationships (Earth), 

Offering and receiving value (Metal), and 

Continual assessment and improvement (Water). 

She notes that just like in Chinese medicine, these business 'elements' should be well-balanced for the business to thrive. Moreover, she emphasizes the importance of uniqueness, and discourages a 'cookie-cutter' approach. About future episodes, she plans to delve deeper into Chinese medical concepts as they apply to business, like qi flow and yin and yang.

00:00 Introduction and Background

00:51 The Uniqueness of Chinese Medicine and Its Application to Business

03:07 The Five Elements and Their Role in Business

04:09 The Wood Element: Vision and Planning

04:57 The Fire Element: Taking Action

06:10 The Earth Element: Nurturing Relationships

06:32 The Metal Element: Unearthing Value

08:23 The Water Element: Curiosity and Flow

10:24 Identifying Imbalances in Your Business

12:45 Conclusion and Call to Action

Which element in your business needs the most support right now? let me know in the comments