Do You REALLY Need Branding Photos for Your Wellness Business?

🎙️ In this inspiring interview with Michelle Adams, you'll discover:

Empowering Brand Photography: Michelle, an award-winning international brand photographer, specializes in capturing the essence of female entrepreneurs. Learn how she guides her clients through the process of creating authentic and impactful brand photos.

The Magic of Feeling: Dive into Michelle's approach, which transcends the superficial, focusing on capturing emotions rather than just picture-perfect smiles. Find out why this unique perspective is a game-changer for powerful brand representation.

Mastering Light and Pose: Michelle unveils the secrets of harnessing both studio and natural light to create stunning visuals. Understand why the right angles and lighting can make all the difference in showcasing your true essence.But more importantly she discusses the light that comes from within and how to bring that forward in your photos

Aesthetic Brilliance: Explore the significance of aesthetics in branding photography. Discover how clothing choices and styling play a pivotal role in crafting a brand identity.

Freedom in All Photos: Learn why Michelle believes in providing all photos to her clients without hidden charges. This transparency ensures a wide array of images for versatile branding needs.

Credentials Matter: Michelle emphasizes the importance of a photographer's qualifications and training, especially in brand photography. Find out why experience with thought leaders and thought-provoking training sets her apart.

Beyond the Click: Discover how Michelle offers ongoing support post-shoot. From reel ideas to Instagram content, she ensures your visual content aligns seamlessly with your brand messaging.

Elevating Energy and Mindset: Learn how Michelle creates a safe, positive space during the shoot. Understand how she taps into your energy and mindset to capture your most authentic self.
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