Chef's Table - PIZZA- How this series can inspire your life!

I wanted to share this super random thing that has inspired me and lit a little fire under me too, and I want to share it so that it may possibly inspire you as well.

I created a random, unplanned, completely unscripted, no bullet points podcast because I just finished watching a 6 episode series called Chefs Table - PIZZA and man did I receive some series life lessons. 


  • How I compare myself to other's successes without knowing their backstory.
  • How I still hold back out of fear of failure... (man it's inevitable and also so valuable).
  • How I still what people may say or think about me.
  • How who we are is an evolution, in all areas of our life... health, relationships, passions, purpose, adventure... you get it.

There was something about this series about pizza makers around the world that really opened my eyes and inspired me and I wanted to share some of my thoughts; how they relate to the wood element in Chinese medicine and how you can take these lessons and create magic in your life.

Let's just say, I personally know I have been holding back and not fully following my intuition, and ready to overcome and show up more fully in my life in all areas of my life... I hope that you will too.

Check it out and let me know what may be germinating for you?