The Most Important Ingredients to Grow Your Wellness Business

After listening to Simon Sinek’s ‘a bit of optimism’ podcast the other day I was really struck by his guest James Rhee.

James Rhee is a very well educated Harvard undergrad, Harvard Law School, successful Finance business man, and he gave it all up to work with a company, to help dissolve this company, and he ended up saving it and staying with this company for 7 years.

Through this experience he realized some of the most important ingredients for a successful business to thrive are intangible. Ingredients like kindness, good will, integrity.

They are intangible, because you can't measure or see them, but they can make a massive impact in your business and the world.

I expanded my point of view on this concept in a recent podcast I recorded HERE, as I felt very moved by this, and how it could help you in your Wellness business, how you can add these essential ingredients to make your massive impact.  

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