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Essential Oil Energetics & Classifications

Valued at $97

This 3-Part Training will help you:

  • Create a deeper understanding about the energetics of your pure essential oils. 
  • Understand where your oils naturally go in your body, and the organs, and meridian pathways they affect.
  • Learn how to actually classify and categorize your oils so you understand the best oils to choose from!
  • Discover how to use essential oils on acupuncture/acupressure (same thing) points, and so much more

You are going to learn, How to Classify and Categorize Essential Oils so that you can understand their energetic profile as well as their physical and emotional impact on the body. Classifications of oils from both a traditional aromatherapy and a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective.

BIG Bonus

You will also receive my digital ebook that will teach you how to use Essential Oils on Acupuncture Points, for Today‚Äôs Top 10 Health Concerns, Valued at $14.97 for FREE

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