Get Ready to Up-level Your Oil Knowledge,  Holistic Practice, & oil biz with AcuOil Alchemy!

You're about to stand out in a crowd of Holistic Practitioners, while boosting your patient/client results AND your business revenue?




Perhaps you’re ready to have a deeper understanding and skillset about how to use essential oils in your practice? If you’re ready to easily learn unique techniques that combine the power of essential oils and the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine that will create dramatic results for you clients & patients while quickly making you the “GOT TO” practitioner in your industry, then AcuOil Alchemy is the PERFECT course for YOU!

WHY DID I CREATE AcuOIL Alchemy? YOU should know, as it's going to help you SUPERCHARGE your Practice, Results, & Revenue!

How would it feel to boost your patient/client results while simultaneously boosting your business revenue?

What if you had a unique skill set that allowed you to stand out in a crowd of holistic practitioners while improving the lives of your patients/clients and generating massive business growth?

I am Dianne DelReyes, L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist, Business Coach & Strategist for Holistic Entrepreneurs, certified holistic health coach, essential oil expert, and creator of AcuOil Alchemy.

AcuOil Alchemy is the course that will transform your business and the lives of your patients.

I designed this program because when I started integrating essential oils into my acupuncture practice, I immediately saw amazing results and transformations with my patients. They literally started begging me for the oils. And here is the crazy thing, I was a TOTAL skeptic! I did not believe essential oils could be used therapeutically like the herbs I was already prescribing… but guess what? They worked better and faster, and my patients were way more compliant using them.

I quickly became obsessed studying all that I could about these precious oils, and specifically how they worked in within the framework of Chinese medicine… cuz that’s my jam!

And, I am stoked to share all the wisdom I have acquired over the past 6+ years.


WHY AcuOil Alchemy?

This is the ONLY program available that not only shares how to use essential oils on acupuncture/acupressure points, but also helps you to deeply understand why you're choosing specific oils and points. And, SO much more...

There are many holistic practitioners using essential oils these days in their practice, BUT nobody is using them therapeutically on acu-points to support underlying root causes of health imbalances.  

AcuOil Alchemy will teach you the basic tenants of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & the 5-Elements of Chinese medicine so that you have the foundational knowledge to assess and evaluate your client or patient.

AcuOil Alchemy will teach you the exact assessment process to determine the root cause, so that you will know exactly which oils to use on which points.

You will learn how to find the location of the acupuncture points, what they function of each point is, and why you're choosing that point.

BUT WAIT, there is SO much more...

Here is More of What to Expect & Learn By Taking Your Practice to the Next Level with AcuOil Alchemy

☯️ Learn Key Essential Oil Therapies to help your clients and patients.

☯️ Learn the foundational tenants of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

☯️ Learn the Acupuncture Meridian Systems and Point Therapies.

☯️ Learn how to use the theory of the 5-Elements to support emotional balance.

☯️ Understand Qi Movement and why flow creates health and stagnation creates imbalance.

☯️ Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course & Online Community (including any new updates)


If you have your own holistic business or healthcare practice, my integrative approach will help you attract and keep clients because you’ll not only stand out in the marketplace, you’ll also provide a more sophisticated, holistic framework for ongoing care with amazing results and great compliance.

AcuOil Alchemy gives you more to offer your clients and patients to help them on their road to wellness and vitality.

Don't just take my word for it, scroll on down to hear from what just a few of over 100 students have to say...

" I am pleased to report I am seeing results! I foresee AcuOil Alchemy becoming one of my main treatment modalities that I use with most patients."

“Dianne, I just finished REwatching 4 out of the 6 modules and really letting the information sink into a new level. I so much appreciate having access to the modules to continue to learn from. As a naturopath who already incorporates essential oils into my treatments, I was very pleased with how you presented the material. Appropriate for someone without experience in TCM or with essential oils, yet full of new information for those of us with more training in the healing arts. I was able to start using my new knowledge immediately with my patients and I am pleased to report I am seeing results!

I foresee AcuOil Alchemy becoming one of my main treatment modalities that I use with most patients. I already have quite a few colleagues who are anxious to hear about your next webinar and I have endorsed the class and you whole-heartedly! Great Job Dianne! Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance!" - Dr. Louise Rose ND

"It has been the best addition I have made to my Essential Oil continuing education!"

"This is the first program I have witnessed that integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Theory with the therapeutics of Essential oils that is easy to understand, succinct, yet also comprehensive.  This is both an introductory course, and all a person needs to begin integrating the principals of Chinese Medicine into their Essential Oil use. It has been the best addition I have made to my Essential Oil continuing education!" Dr. Josie Schmidt, ND

YOU CAN MASTER THE SKILLS & TECHNIQUES OF AcuOil Alchemy, EVEN IF:'ve never studied Traditional Chinese medicine before, and you think you could not possibly understand it!

...even if you don't believe essential oils have REAL therapeutic benefits... trust me, watch my video... I was a HUGE skeptic!

...even if you think you don't have time to learn something new... trust me, we all feel that way, so don't worry, each module is only an hour and you have LIFETIME access to go at your own pace!

...even if you are already getting great results with your patients... but did you know you can teach your patients how to do this at home... which means extra income cuz they need the product :)


Our community is filled with over 100 practitioners, including acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, RN's, midwives, and essential oil enthusiasts! You will not be alone on this journey...

(Our private FB Community is a great resource and place to ask questions and connect with other like-minded oil lovin practitioners, and ME)

I have had unbelievable results integrating the two and can’t imagine treating patients without the oils. 

"AcuOil Alchemy is a wonderfully organized and effective program. Each module perfectly builds on one another and is loaded with great information. Chinese medicine is a very different medical language for most and I feel like this program is the perfect foundation not just for me but my patients as well to help them feel empowered to use and understand the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic system. It is designed to work for any level of TCM understanding or any type of healing practice. This program condensed and covered in a few weeks, what takes years to learn in school for a fraction of the tuition.  It also added a great resource for me to understand and use my essential oil in treatments and create powerful healing for my patient. I have had unbelievable results integrating the two and can’t imagine treating patients without the oils. Dianne has created an amazing program to help me integrate these two ancient healing practices into one powerful tool." - Aga Kemp, L.Ac. -


AcuOil Alchemy

Your COMPLETE A-Z Guidance That Walks You Through the EXACT Steps for Integrating This New Modality in Your Practice for Better Client Results, Retention, & Revenue!

That's really just a fancy way of saying:

  • Here's What AcuOil Alchemy Has to Offer YOU:

    6 Video Recorded Class ‘modules’ where I dive deeply into this system in an easy to follow step by step process, with each module building on the next.

    Supportive PDFs and worksheets for each module, including:

    • AcuOil Alchemy essential oil application guidelines and treatment protocols for common health conditions.
    • Downloadable PDF of EVERY Module presentation.
    • AcuPoint location images with point indications.
    • TCM, Meridian, Yin/Yang & Five Element theory ‘Cheat Sheets’.

    Lifetime membership of the Facebook community where you can connect, share and support one another on your journey. The online community is where I answer any questions submitted.

    • Access to future updates for the course
    • Special discounts on upcoming advanced training programs, and personalized individual coaching.

    Within the community you will be able to:

    • Join conversations and review case studies.
    • Start conversations about your own cases as they unfold.
    • Discuss your own context and compare with other members
    • Learn how to gather and use feedback to improve your analysis
    • Consider how you might grow your business – by adopting new approaches and changing your practices! (This is MY specialty) 


💧 MODULE #1:

💧Module 1: Essential Oils - Beyond the Basics

  • Before we start learning about the integration of TCM & Essential oils, we must set the groundwork.

    In module 1, you are going to discover the foundations of essential oils. Understanding the basics of essential oils, what they are, sourcing criteria, how to use them, and exploring several of the most commonly used oils for common ailments, will be the first vital piece to the “alchemy” of the AcuOil Alchemy System. This is NOT your typical Essential Oil 101 Class…

    You will learn so much more about essential oils than you have before. We are going to explore some simple categorizing concepts that start to develop the TCM side of things… pretty juicy!

☯️ MODULE #2:

☯️ Module 2: Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM

  • This is your first module of my condensed 100K + TCM education. (You're welcome ;)

    In this module, you will begin learning some basic TCM theory and diagnostic concepts. We will explore what qi (pronounced chee) is, how it flows through and affects our body and organs. We will then explore what yin-yang theory is (nope, not just some hippie dippy symbol) you will also discover the intricate meridian system and their associated organs. Then I will guide you to a deeper understanding of our organ systems from a Chinese medicine perspective.

    This module is juicy and meaty… You’re going to learn a whole new way of thinking about the human body, the individual’s unique constitution, as well as associated health risks and strengths.

🌳 MODULE #3:

🌳 Module 3: The 5-Elements of Chinese Medicine

  • The 5 Element Theory is a basic theory of Chinese medicine and brings another perspective towards and a deeper understanding of the life forces. You will study the 5 Elements and how the help us appreciate the cyclic phases of nature and the human body – as well as how closely these elements relate to individual organ systems and highlight specific emotions within the microcosm of our being.

    Understanding the principle of the 5-Elements will truly take your essential oil use to powerful new levels, especially when working with emotional balancing.

🔍 MODULE #4:

🔍 Module 4: Deepening Your Investigative Skills

  • This is where the fun really starts! (As if we weren’t already having a ton of fun!)

    This module adds more tools to your toolbox and we really begin to improve our investigative skills. This module allows you to become a sleuth investigator so that you can discover the root cause of your client's issues.

    You will deepen your diagnostic skills. learn how to notice the different signs and signals the body sends. You will learn how to use all of your senses, asking, observing and listening…and then finally put the pieces of the human puzzle together to analyze the unique constitutions of individuals. This will help you better identify and address their underlying imbalances. You will learn to see how patterns emerge and we learn how to trace them over time, gathering and analyzing information to support the development of essential oil protocols.

🔮 MODULE #5:

🔮 Module 5: Where the Magic Happens

  • The moment we’ve all been waiting for, what we’ve been building up to.

    Module 5 begins the to synthesize all the information we’ve learned so far. We will begin blending the ancient healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the power of Essential oils to create a modern-day approach to wellness. We will revisit many of the basic essential oils as well as new ones, and view them in a new way, from a Chinese medicine perspective. Get ready to learn how energetic (qi) effects Essential oils and the effects is has on the body and how Essential Oils fit in the TCM model of medicine. You will begin to master your oil protocols from this deeper understanding.

🎯 MODULE #6:

🎯Module 6: Getting to the Point! Get it ;) 

  • This module truly brings everything together! It’s like the frosting on the AcuOil Alchemy cake.

    The last stage of AcuOil Alchemy is all about understanding the acupuncture points, their locations, actions and indications, and energetics. We will then synthesize everything by pairing up specific essential oils with specific acupuncture points.

  • By the end of this module, you will learn how to marry the energetics of Essential oils and Acupressure points together to create optimal results for your patients and clients.


If you’re ready to take your Essential Oil therapies to the next level, stand out in a crowd from your competitors in your industry, get amazing personal/client/patient results, and generate more revenue… Then I invite you to join us TODAY!! Your FULLY Supported Home-Study Program STARTS NOW





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